FAR ISLANDS by Peter Bang / 57:45 minutes

A documentary film about remote islands in Micronesia

Song and music by people of Faraulep Atoll, Yap Outer Islands

Film, photos, speak, recording and maps by Peter Bang 2019 © Copyright

"Far Islands" is a documentary film about some of the world´s most isolated tropical islands and the people who live there.

After three decades of absence the Danish author and photographer Peter Bang returned to the outer islands in State of Yap. Here he revisited the tiny Micronesian paradise islands of his youth, which are now disappearing due to rising sea levels caused by climate change.

The film is based on the book ``FAR ISLANDS - A Photographer´s Eyewitness Account of FAR Islands in Micronesia Over 30 Years´`` by Peter Bang

Watch for free… https://vimeo.com/354027348


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