Disappearing Islands - Lecture by Peter Bang

A photographer´s eyewitness account of FAR Islands in Micronesia


Lecture / Slideshow (120 photos) 

Duration: 1½ hour (2 x 45 minutes), plus pause and questions (shorter versions may be arranged).

Please contact for booking / more info.


Disappearing Islands

A photographer´s eyewitness account of some of the world´s most isolated tropical islands and the people who live there. After three decades the Danish writer and photographer Peter Bang returned to the outer islands in State of Yap. Here he revisited his adoptive native family and the tiny Micronesian paradise islands of his youth, which are now disappearing. Among other things, Peter had to flee from big waves during a super typhoon that flooded his small palm leaf hut while he lived on a 450 x 450 yard island with its highest peak being just 12 feet above sea level. The typhoon was the worst the area has seen in 50 years. It brought chaos, destruction and lack of food and water. Later came a time of broken bones and internal bleedings far from western doctor and hospital. 


Top photo: A boy of Uwapei´s tribe stands his ground on a fallen tree trunk the day after Typhoon Maysak hit FAR Islands in Micronesia.